In Active Development

The Role of TVDB

The stands as an invaluable repository for TV and Movie data. A community-driven platform that offers a user-friendly API, TVDB serves as a free-to-use resource for personal ventures.


Contributing Back to the Community

Grateful for the utility provided by TVDB, I took it upon myself to contribute to its ecosystem. Focused on enhancing its official Python client, I've introduced new features and squashed a few bugs. While you can visit the GitHub repository to dive into the specifics of my contributions, I aim to continue enriching this tool. However, it's worth noting that my contributions come as a side project, parallel to my full-time commitments so that progress may be slow but hopefully steady.

In addition to my contributions to the official Python client for TVDB, I've initiated a Ruby client. While it's an official gem, it's important to clarify that it's not officially supported by TVDB at this point. I'm committed to developing this Ruby client further, with the aspiration of making it a community-supported tool. For those interested in the project's future, a detailed roadmap is available in the GitHub repository. Much like my Python contributions, the Ruby client remains a side project, progressing in tandem with my full-time commitments.

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Use in

I've integrated the Ruby client into my project, a personal endeavor designed to keep tabs on my TV and movie watching habits. This project is very much a work in progress, with a comprehensive roadmap available for those curious about its future direction. Although it has no commercial intentions, it serves as a useful tool for me to monitor my viewing habits while also allowing me to share updates on my consumption with friends and family.