What I am currently doing now.

Stay up-to-date with what I'm currently focused on. From the books enriching my mind to the projects capturing my attention, this page offers a snapshot of my active pursuits, reflections and thoughts. Each section has an archive section for past musings and info .

Watching [COMING SOON]

Curious about what's captivating my screen time? Whether it's the latest netflix offering or the latest blockbuster, find out what I'm watching here.


Dive into the pages I'm currently flipping through. From tech manuals to comic books, discover what's currently shaping my perspectives.

Thinking [COMING SOON]

What's occupying my thoughts lately? Whether it's a current issue or a personal reflection, you'll find a hint of my mental landscape here.


Navigating life with Type 2 diabetes, this section holds me accountable by sharing what I'm currently eating to manage my condition.


Get a glimpse of my current coding endeavors. Projects, languages, or a code kata—it's a peek into my digital playground.


What am I learning? From new skills to new perspectives, this is where I share my current thirst for new things. Both technical and whatever else 😀.

Training [COMING SOON]

I'm currently striving to shed some (lots of) pounds while building endurance and strength. Track my fitness journey and routine here.

Listening [COMING SOON]

Tune in to what's filling my ears at the moment. From podcasts to playlists, discover the sounds that inspire me.