In a world where everyone seems to be jumping onto the latest web development bandwagon, I decided to take a step back and start a links website. Why? Because all the kool kidz have one, of course! But don't let the irony fool you; there's a deeper reason behind this seemingly outdated project.

As a softwre engineer, most of my projects tend to utilise modern frameworks like TailwindCSS, or they focus on complex backends that require little-to-no frontend magic. While these tools and projects have their merit, I felt the need to reconnect with the roots of web development – good oul' HTML and CSS.

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My decision to create a links website was not only inspired by the nostalgic factor of belonging to the kool kidz club, but also by my desire to have a project that would allow me to rediscover the beauty of vanilla markup and CSS. By immersing myself in the simplicity of these foundational technologies, I aim to enhance my understanding of the building blocks of the modern web and refine my skills as a developer.

The concept of learning by doing is an essential part of my growth mindset. By actively creating a project that focuses on pure HTML and CSS, I'm not only able to put these skills to the test, but also gain a deeper appreciation for their elegance and versatility. As a developer, it's crucial to stay adaptable and never stop learning, and this links website is the perfect project to help me achieve that.

Furthermore, by stripping away the complexities of modern frameworks and libraries, I'm reminded of the importance of accessibility, performance, and clean code. These are the principles that should always guide our work as developers, regardless of the tools we use. With this links website, I have the opportunity to build something that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also adheres to these core values.

My decision to build a links website is an ironic yet purposeful move to rediscover the wonders of pure HTML and CSS. By doing so, I hope to strengthen my foundation as a web developer, reinforcing the importance of accessible, performant, and clean code. In an era where developers are constantly chasing the newest trends, sometimes it's essential to take a step back and remember where it all began. After all, the kool kidz never forget their roots.