A new site... and stuffs...

I decided on a new site and a new technology stack to go with it. It's built using Next.js which is new to me. I've always knew enough about the JS eco system to be dangerous. However this time around I decided to jump in head first.

I decided on Next.js as it just seemed nice and anyone I knew that was using it was very happy with it. So I read more artciles on it, done a few tutorials and then decided to build something. I find that building something and getting into a regular cadence of shipping will teach you ten fold what you'd learn on tutorials.

My first attempt looked like this:

My Design

It got me going and built up the momentum I needed. As I am not a designer I always intended to use a template. Firstly it would look nicer than I could ever imagine doing. Secondly if I get an explicit one built on Next.js I will see better design patterns and usage of Next.js and typescript.

So after a bit of researching I got myself a template and now it the site looks like this:

Home Page

I intend to add more features and pages to it as time goes on. This gives me a good base to build on. To see what I intend to do you can keep a view on the issue list on the GitHub repo.