If it's not bad, it's good: A three week expirement

For the last three weeks or so, I decided to integrate a simple mantra into my life: "If it's not bad, it's good." It seemed elementary, almost trivial. But I needed a shift in perspective, something to break away from the endless spiral of overthinking. To my surprise, adopting this mindset has brought about some remarkable changes in my mental health.

When My Garden Taught Me Patience

Let's start with the homefront. I’ve always loved gardening; it's my therapy. But this July was a wet one. It seemed like every day brought yet another downpour, turning my cherished garden into a soggy mess. I watched in despair as my grass grew unchallenged and the flowers wilted unable to take the sheer amount of rain forced on them.

But instead of sulking, I decided to turn to my newfound mantra: "If it's not bad, it's good." The rain, while excessive, was not "bad." It was nature doing its thing, and there was a silver lining. The frequent showers meant I spent less time watering the garden. As the days went by, I also noticed my garden's soil becoming richer and more nourished. The plants that managed to survive the initial onslaught of rain emerged more resilient, flourishing in ways I hadn't anticipated. And as they did, I felt a parallel resilience growing within me, a newfound patience and appreciation for nature's unpredictability.

The Elusive Professional Meeting

On the professional side, there was a meeting I had been eagerly anticipating. It was one I believed could steer my career in a new direction. But for some reason, the universe conspired against it. Either the meeting got cancelled, or some key participants didn't show up. It was frustrating to see the golden opportunity I had envisioned slip through my fingers time and again.

But leaning into my new mantra, I realised this wasn't "bad." In fact, the postponements allowed me more time to refine my presentation, gather more data, and become even more prepared than I initially was. I also noticed that in the additional time I had, I started understanding some of my colleagues better, and they, in turn, offered insights that I hadn't considered. By the time we eventually get to have this meeting, I'm confident that it will yield even better outcomes than what I had hoped for.

Reflections on the Mantra

"If it's not bad, it's good." It's simple, yet it has been powerful for my mental health. Instead of dwelling on perceived negatives, I've learned to see the positive or at least the potential in situations. This shift in perspective has made me more resilient, patient, and optimistic. While it's early days, I can already see the profound impact of such a simple phrase, and I'm curious to see where it will lead me next.